What Our Employees Say

See what our employees have to say about working with us and how they feel about the company.

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What Our Employees Say

What Our Employees Say

I have worked for Advanced Water Technologies for over 11 years and benefited from the many changes that have taken place as the company has grown.

I’m now the Regional Office Manager looking after commercial contracts, staff resources, engineers and third parties within the national service team, this also includes project management and financial elements, quality assurance and adherence to standards as well as driving a "customer first" ethos.

The best thing about Advanced Water is it is open, honest and engaging, right to directorship level who operate an open-door policy. I think people here are listened to, offering a great platform for progression and development, if you put in the hard work!

Sandra - Regional Office Manager

What Our Employees Say

The can-do positive attitude of all staff and friendly atmosphere within the business is very refreshing for me having worked in a number of companies over the years. As Operations Manager I have an insight into all aspects of the business and work with virtually everyone in the company.

I am responsible for process development which is a mission critical element within Advanced Water Technologies for process conformance and quality systems.

I am moving to a new role in the Advanced Water Group which sees me having ownership of projects whereby our systems become online applications. This is a very exciting element within my role and one I am relishing. I have had previous experience helping in this area which I really enjoyed.

As for development and support, this is something that important within Advanced Water Technologies. In my opinion, the best part of working here is the employees. We all work together, respect and support each other which creates a great work environment.

Mike - Operations Manager

What Our Employees Say

After nearly 20 years at Advanced Water Technologies I have seen many phases of development and investment. My own journey has seen me rise to the position of being a Director in the company which is something I am very proud of.

I have a passion for the business and its area of operations in the water treatment industry sector. Even though I have seen many things I am still learning and evolving the business to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers.

Our usage of innovation and technology is something that is very enjoyable to be part of from initial discussions right through to commercial roll-out and application.

Mark - Director

What Our Employees Say